Interchange Plus

The Interchange Plus option offers a clear and transparent form of pricing.  Interchange rates are mandated directly from the major card brands and paid by the merchant based on the amount of volume and the types of cards accepted.  APS Interchange Plus transfers 100% of the cost to the merchant without any inflation or mark-up, ensuring that you are getting the best pricing available at any given time.

$90 Fixed Fee Pricing

All your payment processing wrapped up in a single flat fee!  Our $90 Flat Fee program eliminates complexity in monthly fees normally assessed with transactions. APS uses a “non-cash-adjustment” fee to compensate for the merchant’s processing fees. The end-result is a simple, fixed monthly payment without processing limits! Regardless of how many transactions or volume in any given month, the cost is fixed at $90.

*Program may not be available in all states.

2.55% Fixed Rate

The Fixed Rate option guarantees that your business maintains a competitive and predictable cost across all transactions.  The APS 2.55% Fixed Rate is not only competitive but below many of the currently published rates available in the marketplace.  Why incur additional costs for your business when you dont need to?  When accepting card payments in business, you can be assured that APS is maximizing your profit.