Payment Terminals


The Z/QD/P Series countertop payment terminals provide an easy to use EMV payment experience for every business owner.
With easy access to frequently used options in the “Favorites” Menu and a simple “Call Me” button to request a support representative callback, merchants love the ease of use and ISOs love the easy programming of Dejavoo.


Whether it’s on-the-go or on the countertop, for checking out or for checking inventory, connecting with multiple POS systems or just keeping it all-in-one, the PAX Portfolio has it all. Designed to meet every payment need, this cutting-edge technology has merchants deploying the future in their hands.  PAX offers contactless, durability and mobility.


Ingenico smart terminals and payment modules cover all points of transactions, from unattended, multilane, in-store, outdoor or mobile. They meet the latest security standards and support any cashless payment method. Their multimedia possibilities offer a rich consumer experience to many industries, including hospitality, retail, vending, banks & acquirers, petrol and transportation. 


Verifone’s all-in-one solutions are designed specifically for small to medium sized business operators. Whether you are looking for a countertop payment device, a mobile point of sale, or are looking to venture into the online space, Verifone has the perfect combination to get you there. And, with the latest features that will keep customers coming back for more, you couldn’t be in better hands!

Point of Sale Equipment


A complete enterprise POS solution for restaurants, ULTRUX offers dependability, accountability and management features.  From single station units to multi-location set ups, ULTRUX POS can be configured to the needs of your reastaurant.  Complete management features track employees hours and keyed orders and much more.


OVVI specializes in complete POS systems and POS software to meet the needs of almost any business environment, including restaurants, groceries, salons, convenience stores, and liquor stores, to name a few. OVVI carries only high-quality, brand name POS Equipment.


Lightspeed offers an omnichannerl tablet based POS. Expand with advanced software built to secure and grow your business across channels. With one click and one platform, sync your physical inventory across all your locations to your eCom store—so you save time and increase your profits.

DejaPay Pro

DejaPay Pro is for Retail and Restaurant. It is the most simplified POS Register on Cloud EMV solution. For use in Online and Offline Mode, it is truly a mobile or desktop all-in-one device enabling any number of registers and Dejavoo EMV payment terminal combination.